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Our mission's first two elements are to have fun together, and to celebrate self-sufficiency. We're worried, but we're pro-active. We mean to make the best of whatever's ahead, and we're holding a conference to get a baseline and make some plans. We Casparados invite you to join us and work for the preservation of ALL life in Caspar, and beyond.

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For a decade, CasparFest has celebrated and demonstrated sustainable activities with a local focus -- a gathering of, by, and for the Mendocino community.

Caspar's strength as a community is our shared dedication to keeping Caspar just like it is, only more so. Looking ahead, we see changes coming, and we know, from past successes, that we can influence those changes. Many of us despair about driving global change -- we're just a tiny community, after all ...but therein lies our strength. We have proven that we can achieve consensus, and make local adjustments that enhance and preserve the quality of life in our local sphere. Many of us, who look farther afield, believe that change will be wrought one village at a time, and it's time to get started.

Caspar's consensual, inclusive form of governance has already succeeded in preserving our ocean bluff and riparian habitats and reclaiming our community center. Our greater goal -- preserving and enhancing the quality of all life in Caspar for (at least) the next hundred years -- is challenging. Looking ahead, we need to anticipate the local effects of global, national, and regional changes, and strengthen our community's ability to "rock with the boat." Energy, water, climate, population, and many other important aspects of life will change, even in our lifetimes. We propose to gather this coming February to evaluate those changes, and begin to plan our adaptations.

Caspar's success has relied on partnerships with neighboring communities, conservation partners, and the goodwill and encouragement of county and state government. For this gathering, we hope to partner with local organizations and businesses that are concerned about the Mendocino Coast's future, and plan to take an active part in shaping it. We want to create a village where our children, and their children, will want to settle down and carry forward traditions of neighborliness and stewardship, a place that will be kind to its elders and all living beings for a very, very long time.

Thank you for helping us plan.

CasparFEST is produced by

in honor of our renewed and thriving sense of community and self-sufficiency.

Agenda     Findings     Reading     Sponsors     Mission     


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